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Professional Team Mechanic 

Gary has been a fixture in the world of professional cycling beginning in 1975 when he began as a road racer growing up in his native home of U.K.

Finding himself drawn to the mechanical side of the sport, Gary began his current venture in 1999.  Working closely with professional teams and top individual athletes has taken him to the Olympics and Commonwealth Games as well as more World Cups and World Championships that could be counted.  Bikes in his care have landed on the podiums in international competitions world wide.

Gary's travels have given him extensive time spent in Europe and the United States, where he decided to call Boulder, CO home.  Offering his extensive skills to local cyclists, Gary runs a private service course to those seeking no frills, top notch, mechanical services.  

The Nelson’s Project


"Gary is a great mechanic with a ton of enthusiasm for bikes!  For the last 3 years, he has kept my bikes in outstanding condition.  He is knowledgeable, thorough, and easy to reach and work with.  Driving his expertise is his clear love for bikes - for the mechanics of them, for making sure people have bikes in good working order, and for riding himself!  In addition to working methodically and successfully through some confusing mechanical issues, he takes care of routine maintenance in a timely manner.  Gary has offered very good advice when I've contemplated changing components/parts, showing his up-to-date and versatile all around knowledge.  Gary remembers the previous work that he's done on my bikes, which helps guide him moving forward.  His prices are quite reasonable.  He also has done great work on friends' wheelchairs!  I can't recommend him highly enough."

Karen J.

"Gary has worked on a number of our bikes - recreational trail bikes, cyclocross, high end race bikes. He can fix anything, pays attention to details, is patient, responsive and thorough. His shop is immaculate and loaded with spare components, parts and missing links that he uses in his skillful work. Gary is super experienced and fairly priced. He's an asset to the bike community!"

Julie F.

"By some stroke of luck, I found Gary’s services on Next Door. I was reluctant at first. Who was this guy fixing bikes out of his garage? When searched his name online and realized I was dropping my bikes off with a world class bike mechanic for a professional team.


As a woman, sometimes going into a bike shop to get work done can be intimidating if you don’t know the proper terms or the latest technology. None of that matters with Gary. He just wants your bike (no matter how old or new) to be working properly. Not only is Gary an exquisite bike mechanic, he has years of experience, he’s a problem solver, he’s reliable, and usually has a pretty good turn-around times. My bikes have never run as smooth as they are now that I’m a “Gary regular.” I highly recommend his services."

Casie Z. 

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