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Prima Tappa

Professional level Bicycle Servicing by Gary

Boulder, Colorado



  • All bicycle models and types

  • Solution oriented

  • Top quality work

  • No hidden costs

  • Prompt and efficient service

  • Competitive pricing

  • Hourly pricing to accommodate specific needs

  • Personable and direct communication  

bike build.png

Bike Builds

-Modern to Vintage

-Full or partial

-Road, Mountain, Cross, Gravel, e-    bikes

-Electronic and mechanical shifting

-Out of box assembly

bike thing.png

Full Tune

-SRAM, Shimano

-Mechanical and Electronic 

-Any condition

custom electronic settings 

wheel service.png

Wheel Services


-Tube change


-Tubular Gluing


-Tire change

brake service 1 .png

Brake Servicing

-Caliper or Disk

-Hydraulic all types



-Fresh fluid as needed

-Rotor truing


suspension tuning 1.png

Suspension Tuning


-Pivot Parts

-Shock/Fork Service

-Linkage and Frame

bike fit 1.png

Bike Fit


-Transfer of fit 

Specialty Work:

rec ride support.png

Recreational Ride Support

-Full sprinter van or moto 

-Mechanical bike support

-Feed handoffs

-Route planning

-USA and Europe

race service.png

Race Support

-Logistics planning


-Bike assembly

-General maintenance

-Pit, caravan, follow tasks

-Coordination and timing 

team camp 1.png

Team Camp Support

-Travel bike builds

-Travel coordination 

-Route planning

-Accommodation arrangements

-Chef support 

-USA and Europe



Includes (but not limited to):

Initial inspection performed with the customer to asses what is required with recommendations of what might need replacing.   A labor and parts estimate is given.

Bike is throughly washed

Wheels -

    Check and true both front and rear wheels

    Check tires if using tubeless to determine the state of sealant, top off if needed

    Check front and rear wheel hub bearings 

    Adjust, service, or replace bearings if necessary

    Service rear wheel free hub - clean and lube driver 

    Check rear hub and driver bearings and replace if necessary

Drive Train -

    Remove cranks and degrease chainrings, replace chainrings if necessary

    Inspect bottom bracket - remove and service or replace as required

    Rear derailleur - remove and degrease if necessary

    Rear derailleur pulleys - replace and or service if needed

    Front derailleur - remove and degrease or clean in place

    Chain - remove and degrease , check for wear, replace if necessary

    Cassette - remove and degrease, check for wear 


Shifting -

    Optimized cable routing

    Cables and housing replaced if necessary

    Check and adjust derailleur hanger alignment 

    Checked and adjust derailleurs as required


Brakes -

    Mechanical -

        Cables and housing replaced if necessary

        Pads adjusted or replaced as needed

        Lever and reach adjusted for rider specifications

    Hydraulic -

        Hoses checked for air and bled as needed

        Fluid checked for contamination and replaced as required

        Caliper pistons cleaned and lubed

        Brake pads replaced as necessary

        Lever and reach adjusted for rider specifications


Headset -

    Checked for play and or wear 

    Adjusted or replaced as needed

Pedals -

    Serviced if needed


Suspension -

    Fork and shocks can be serviced if required or recommended

    Suspension set up adjustment if desired

    Suspension and frame pivots can be serviced if needed or requested


General -

    All parts and frame inspected for defects or damage

    Full bolt check

    Cleaned with polish

    Installation of any parts requested or supplied

Not all above will be necessary depending on the condition of your bike and parts. Hence that is why I do service work by the hour to give you the best value and work for your money and try to give you the best estimate possible of expected cost.

Feel free to ask questions and discuss your specific needs.

Full Tune:



Estimates Available


$50.00 per hour 

Pick up and drop off possible

On site work is available 

Parts - MSRP


Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly. 


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